Norm Adams

Dan Warner presenting a Dirty 2 club shirt to the newest club member and a Gear Grinder, Jay Allen. Jay drove down from the great north to run a 209.009 in the 2000cc APS/PBG class erasing the Chris Rivas record, set last year, of 207.160. Other record setters for the November meet include the Rice Vigeant Racing team beating their own record set in October by nearly 6 mph with a 194.193 mph run. And another out-of-towner, Randy Speranza rolled down from Idaho to obliterate a 22 year old Wink Eller record in the 1350 cc A/PBF class by over 17 mph, with a 171.697 mph run. Congratulations to of club record setters.. Sorry if I missed any others, at the time of this update the SCTA website had not posted the records for the November meet.